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Lisa Toney

Lisa Toney


 Lisa Toney is a courageous and bold woman of God. She lives life to the fullest and empowers all those she encounters to dream big with God. The City of Angels is where she hangs her hat. Her dream super power is a flying minivan so that she could instantly transport her family over L.A. traffic. Lisa brings a message of hope, humor, and authentic faith. Lisa is a teaching pastor at Purpose Church in California and also a Voice for Women of Faith. She loves to speak about and share the brilliance and beauty of Scripture.  Anchored in Hope is the podcast where you can find Lisa regularly speaking on hope in Jesus.  Lisa has a degree in Communications from Taylor University and an M.Div degree from Fuller Theological Seminary.

One brave man dared to marry her and they have four little people in their home that leave her excited for quiet and clean things some day. Until that day, she relishes those sweet, sloppy, and LOUD moments. A little bit of coffee, dark chocolate, and a whole lot of Jesus get her through each day.

Lisa’s latest book is The Scripture Challenge. Lisa is throwing down a challenge to give you the super power of Scripture. This super power will help you make wiser decisions and have healthier relationships.  Will you dare to accept the challenge?