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Kendall Payne


Kendall Payne was sighed to Capitol Records when she was 17 years old.  Since then she has been traveling the world sharing her music and message of hope.  Winning a prestigious Dove Award for her debut album “Jordan’s Sister” and having music featured in film and television shows including Grey’s Anatomy, Payne’s honest and meaningful songs have found their way into many hearts.  She has toured with many talented artists including the Lilith Fair Festival and the band Third Day, just to name a few.  She has released 5 independent albums and has established herself as a classic singer-songwriter for all ages & stages.  She will no doubt make you laugh a little, cry a little and make you feel like you are best friends by the end of the night!

Kendall resides in California, where she is raising her two beautiful daughters, Elliot & Ashton. Motherhood has been the greatest (and most challenging) experience of her life.  As it often happens with young children, there is very little time for pursing your own creative endeavors. Now that here kids are older, the stirring and excitement to create again has sparked her heart. She can\’t wait to share her gift\’s and talents with you at Aspire!