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Leanna Crawford

Artist & Songwriter  

As a native of the Pacific Northwest, nature has always been a friend to singer/songwriter Leanna Crawford. Growing up near the water and the mountains, Leanna often took long walks among the trees, talking to God and discovering more about Him and herself. Her connection with God’s creation inspired her latest collection of songs filled with personal, powerful melodies and heartfelt vocals focused on God’s unending faithfulness.

“This project brought me back to my roots. I was inspired by the majestic trees, the mountains and the ocean,” says Leanna. “Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I have the sweetest memories riding my horse through the woods and talking to God. I loved wandering through the fog in the morning, writing songs as I was walking. For me, being outside was another way to feel closer to God.”

Her standout track “Before I Knew Jesus” celebrates being a new creation in Christ. “This song is really about God’s faithfulness in my life. Every single day. I found Jesus at four years old. I don’t have a crazy testimony. Four-year-old Leanna knew she had Jesus in her heart, but twelve-year-old Leanna needed Jesus in a whole new way and then sixteen-year-old Leanna needed Him in another way. Whether you’ve known God your whole life or just met Him yesterday, I hope you can rejoice in knowing He is faithful in every season.”